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September Portfolio Updates

Temasek sold millions of SingTel shares this morning, managed to get some at 3.16 during the matching (It’s only 5% yield at this price so didn’t want to get more). Bought more CMP at 0.725 and Sabana REIT at 1.14

Along the way, I sold YZJ at 1.03 and Valuetronics at 0.205 as I couldn’t get more than 9 lots at 0.199.

Here’s my portfolio after the recent purchases:

Ascendas H Trust (Avg: $0.878) 10 lots
Cache Logistics (Avg: $0.995) 10 lots
CMPacific (Avg: $0.709) 20 lots
Sabana REIT (Avg: $1.093) 20 lots
SingTel (Avg: $3.16) 3 lots
Suntec REIT (Avg: $1.245) 8 lots

Getting harder to find value stocks. I guess have to wait for better chances before adding more positions.

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