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December Portfolio Updates

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Just sold my all my Sabana REIT at 1.12. Channelling the funds into my other existing shares to have a more effective portfolio.

Bought 20 lots of Cache Logistics, 10 lots of Ascendas H Trust and 10 more lots of CMPacific. Here’s my updated portfolio:

Ascendas H Trust (20 lots) Average: $0.899
Cache Logistics (30 lots) Average: $1.135
CMPacific (30 lots) Average: $0.724
SingTel (3 lots) Average: $3.160
Suntec REIT (8 lots) Average: $1.245

YTD Profit / Loss: $7,086.13 (Not including dividends)
YTD Dividends: $2,699.83

The dividends yields are low as I purchased the shares after July 2012.

UPDATE (26 Dec): Sold all CMPacific at $0.76. Decided that the transaction volume is too low to hold 30 lots, will be reinvesting into existing stocks in my portfolio. Merry X’mas and a happy new year!

UPDATE (27 Dec): Bought 20 more lots of Cache. Average: $1.173 (50 lots)

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