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9 Degrees Freedom Web Launch

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Our 9 Degrees Freedom website is launched! – http://www.degrees9.com

9 Degrees Freedom

9 Degrees Freedom

Check out our sports analytics product and LIKE us on our Facebook page to receive future updates.


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Happy Lunar New Year

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year guys!

Huat arh!


- Portfolio -

A brief update on my portfolio. Just gotten 88 lots of HPH Trust at $1.04. STI is going to levels last seen during the super bull run. Still looking around, sitting on 23.7% cash. Anybody’s guess now ;)

HPH Trust (88 lots) Average: $1.040

Suntec REIT (8 lots) Average: $1.245


YTD Profit / Loss: $3,382.99 (Not including dividends)

YTD Dividends: $1,467.08


UPDATE (22 Feb): Sold all HPH Trust at $1.01. Did not like how it is moving so decided to cut loss. This almost wiped out my realized gain for the year but well, at least I feel more at ease ;)

Managed to get 15 lots of Cache at average price of $1.303.


UPDATE (25 Feb): Got 53 more lots of Cache at around $1.305 and 8 lots of First REIT at $1.105.


- Tactica Labs -

We are revamping our sites. Stay tuned.


- 9 Degrees Freedom -

Our sports sensor prototype is out. LIKE us on Facebook!



- Tiramisu Caravan -

Phi’s Addiction would be taking a break as our family prepares for a new member in 2 months time :)

Thanks for all your support and orders over Lunar New Year. Stay tuned for more delicious cookies and cakes!

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What’s going on?

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

It has been a long time since I last blogged. What a year it has been!

Sold off our company’s industrial property at Bizlink and made our first buck from property investment! Sold off my small studio at Imperial Heights after that, as it was too small to fit my growing family. Although it was rented out by then, I need cash to get a bigger unit. Made my very first buck from my own property! Shopped around and decided on Flo Residence 3-bedder as it provided the best value for money at the moment.

It has been eventful few years in the Singapore property sector which has seen prices going north and norther. Just saw a HDB sold for $980K! :/

Stock investment wise, I have rebalanced my portfolio to hold 80% REIT in various property sectors:
Ascendas H Trust (Avg: $0.878), Cache Logistics (Avg: $0.995), Sabana REIT (Avg: $1.045) and Suntec REIT (Avg: $1.245)

I also have CMPacific (Avg: $0.693) which I think will be quite stable given the toll business in China is still growing. I have been holding this stock since 2006! Finally I ditched Cosco for Yangzijiang (Avg: $0.983), I tend to think their businesses are very similar but YZJ seems better value to me ;)

We have started a new company – 9 Degrees Freedom! My very smart and inventive business partner came up with this wonderful sensor idea. Now we can quantitative our sports activities and use the new metrics to mark your level in sports. We just won the Bronze award in SiTF Emerging Technologies. See more information on our Facebook page and LIKE us! – http://www.facebook.com/pages/9-Degrees-Freedom/185482858193661

On Tactica Labs side, we are still working on our SMS CRM applications. If you are looking to reach out to more customers, drop us an email at tactical@tacticalabs.com on how to promote your products.

Till later ;)

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