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Mar 2013 Portfolio Updates

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Finally we have reached the end of the trading day for the first quarter of 2013. Here’s my updated portfolio:

Cache Logistics (68 lots) Average: $1.305

First REIT (8 lots) Average: $1.105

Keppel Corp (3 lots) Average: $11.645

Cash: 12% of Portfolio


YTD Profit / Loss: -$574.57 (Not including dividends)

YTD Dividends: $1,467.08 (Not including the latest XD from Cache)


If not for dividends, my quarter would have ended in a loss (in contrast to STI gaining 4.6%). So lessons learnt: Switching between quality stocks is not good.  A buy and hold strategy seems to suit me better. Let’s hope for a better quarter!

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Feb 2013 Portfolio Updates

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

As mentioned earlier in an update of my previous post, I bought into HPH Trust and almost wiped out my YTD profit. This is a classic case of do not invest in what you are not sure of (at least not everything). I just looked at the yield and went straight in. At the end of the day, I might still recover and even make a tidy profit on HPH Trust but I did not like how the price is moving. So selling will make me at peace ;)

As it stands, I got back Cache and bought some First REIT (checking out the Healthcare sector). Here’s my portfolio:

Cache Logistics (68 lots) Average: $1.305

Suntec REIT (8 lots) Average: $1.245

First REIT (8 lots) Average: $1.105

Cash: 18% of Portfolio


YTD Profit / Loss: $1,878.94 (Not including dividends)

YTD Dividends: $1,467.08


UPDATE (13 Mar): Got 2 lots of Kep Corp at $11.64. There is some weakness in the price today due to some news. With the upcoming CA and to diversify my portfolio a little, I made the decision to purchase 2 lots.

UPDATE (18 Mar): Sold Suntec at $1.72 and got 1 more lot of Kep Corp at $11.65.

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Happy Lunar New Year

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year guys!

Huat arh!


- Portfolio -

A brief update on my portfolio. Just gotten 88 lots of HPH Trust at $1.04. STI is going to levels last seen during the super bull run. Still looking around, sitting on 23.7% cash. Anybody’s guess now ;)

HPH Trust (88 lots) Average: $1.040

Suntec REIT (8 lots) Average: $1.245


YTD Profit / Loss: $3,382.99 (Not including dividends)

YTD Dividends: $1,467.08


UPDATE (22 Feb): Sold all HPH Trust at $1.01. Did not like how it is moving so decided to cut loss. This almost wiped out my realized gain for the year but well, at least I feel more at ease ;)

Managed to get 15 lots of Cache at average price of $1.303.


UPDATE (25 Feb): Got 53 more lots of Cache at around $1.305 and 8 lots of First REIT at $1.105.


- Tactica Labs -

We are revamping our sites. Stay tuned.


- 9 Degrees Freedom -

Our sports sensor prototype is out. LIKE us on Facebook!



- Tiramisu Caravan -

Phi’s Addiction would be taking a break as our family prepares for a new member in 2 months time :)

Thanks for all your support and orders over Lunar New Year. Stay tuned for more delicious cookies and cakes!

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Jan 2013 Portfolio Updates

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Sold my all my Ascendas H Trust at 0.985. The stock didn’t move much after positive news and results so decided to take profit. Bought 18 more lots of Cache Logistics on the same day. Here’s my updated portfolio:

Cache Logistics (68 lots) Average: $1.196

Suntec REIT (8 lots) Average: $1.245


YTD Profit / Loss: $3,166.73 (Not including dividends)

YTD Dividends: $1,467.08


On a side note, look at CMPacific. It’s 0.945 now. It totally proved me wrong when I suspected I wouldn’t be able to sell 30 lots at one go. I guess we all have to ask why we bought the shares in the first place. No regrets though as it was a profitable trade :)


UPDATE (6 Feb): Sold all Cache Logistics at 1.275. Didn’t want to hold over CNY :)

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Happy 2013!

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Happy New Year guys!

Time of the year to review and reflect ;)


Some updates on my portfolio:

I have sold my SingTel shares at $3.33, have around 25K cash now (looking for better options)

Ascendas H Trust (20 lots) Average: $0.899
Cache Logistics (50 lots) Average: $1.173
Suntec REIT (8 lots) Average: $1.245

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December Portfolio Updates

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Just sold my all my Sabana REIT at 1.12. Channelling the funds into my other existing shares to have a more effective portfolio.

Bought 20 lots of Cache Logistics, 10 lots of Ascendas H Trust and 10 more lots of CMPacific. Here’s my updated portfolio:

Ascendas H Trust (20 lots) Average: $0.899
Cache Logistics (30 lots) Average: $1.135
CMPacific (30 lots) Average: $0.724
SingTel (3 lots) Average: $3.160
Suntec REIT (8 lots) Average: $1.245

YTD Profit / Loss: $7,086.13 (Not including dividends)
YTD Dividends: $2,699.83

The dividends yields are low as I purchased the shares after July 2012.

UPDATE (26 Dec): Sold all CMPacific at $0.76. Decided that the transaction volume is too low to hold 30 lots, will be reinvesting into existing stocks in my portfolio. Merry X’mas and a happy new year!

UPDATE (27 Dec): Bought 20 more lots of Cache. Average: $1.173 (50 lots)

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September Portfolio Updates

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Temasek sold millions of SingTel shares this morning, managed to get some at 3.16 during the matching (It’s only 5% yield at this price so didn’t want to get more). Bought more CMP at 0.725 and Sabana REIT at 1.14

Along the way, I sold YZJ at 1.03 and Valuetronics at 0.205 as I couldn’t get more than 9 lots at 0.199.

Here’s my portfolio after the recent purchases:

Ascendas H Trust (Avg: $0.878) 10 lots
Cache Logistics (Avg: $0.995) 10 lots
CMPacific (Avg: $0.709) 20 lots
Sabana REIT (Avg: $1.093) 20 lots
SingTel (Avg: $3.16) 3 lots
Suntec REIT (Avg: $1.245) 8 lots

Getting harder to find value stocks. I guess have to wait for better chances before adding more positions.

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What’s going on?

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

It has been a long time since I last blogged. What a year it has been!

Sold off our company’s industrial property at Bizlink and made our first buck from property investment! Sold off my small studio at Imperial Heights after that, as it was too small to fit my growing family. Although it was rented out by then, I need cash to get a bigger unit. Made my very first buck from my own property! Shopped around and decided on Flo Residence 3-bedder as it provided the best value for money at the moment.

It has been eventful few years in the Singapore property sector which has seen prices going north and norther. Just saw a HDB sold for $980K! :/

Stock investment wise, I have rebalanced my portfolio to hold 80% REIT in various property sectors:
Ascendas H Trust (Avg: $0.878), Cache Logistics (Avg: $0.995), Sabana REIT (Avg: $1.045) and Suntec REIT (Avg: $1.245)

I also have CMPacific (Avg: $0.693) which I think will be quite stable given the toll business in China is still growing. I have been holding this stock since 2006! Finally I ditched Cosco for Yangzijiang (Avg: $0.983), I tend to think their businesses are very similar but YZJ seems better value to me ;)

We have started a new company – 9 Degrees Freedom! My very smart and inventive business partner came up with this wonderful sensor idea. Now we can quantitative our sports activities and use the new metrics to mark your level in sports. We just won the Bronze award in SiTF Emerging Technologies. See more information on our Facebook page and LIKE us! – http://www.facebook.com/pages/9-Degrees-Freedom/185482858193661

On Tactica Labs side, we are still working on our SMS CRM applications. If you are looking to reach out to more customers, drop us an email at tactical@tacticalabs.com on how to promote your products.

Till later ;)

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My New Ride

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Hey guys

Been a while since I last posted! Just some quick updates, I have just gotten a new ride to move around. The main purpose was for transportation and delivery, so we gotten a second hand van – a Peugeot Partner 1.9D.

Peugeot Partner

Peugeot Partner

Gotten it from J Ong at Abwin Trading. J is really wonderful in his service! If you are looking for vehicles, first or second hand, give him a call at 98449555. You will not be disappointed ;)

Phi’s Addiction – The Tiramisu Caravan has lowered our delivery rate to $6 (with exception on some locations). Thanks for your support!

* I am getting hitched! More in my next post.

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Happy New Year & CNY!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Been a while since I have last posted. Happy New Year and Happy Lunar New Year guys!

Been quite a busy year so far. Shifted house, working on projects and just came back from diving in Bali! Stayed at the Wreck Divers, visited the wreck, amazing!

USS Liberty Shipwreck

USS Liberty Shipwreck

Some minor updates, Tactica Labs will be discontinuing our Windows Hosting as it has been very unstable. We will be providing solely Linux Hosting from now on – http://www.tututrain.com/

Thanks for the support all these years!

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